Mexico has always intrigued me. Being a regular visitor since 1990, exploring the many regions of this vast country, I have met many amazing Mexicans and admired their crafts and wares. Since the 1990's my trips have become more regular and I have had the privilege to engage with many local Mexican Artisans. The colourful way of life and passion for art and culture oozes through their creations. And now Monique and I enjoy our annual buying trips to bring hand selected artisan pieces back to New Zealand.

Made in Mexico NZ celebrate the Artists and traditions of Mexico and endeavour to select pieces that enhance and compliment the New Zealand aesthetic. We are delighted to share with you our personally sourced collections of homeware, including Art, Ceramics, Glass  and Furniture.  2018 kicks off with a new and permanent home for Made in Mexico - look forward to you visiting our showroom soon or browse the gallery and standby for the next collection.
Made in Mexico NZ


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