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Traveling in Mexico?

First time Mexico City? This is a ‘Must Do’

Climb the Pyramid of the Sun and Moon - Teotihuacán

This is us about to climb, 5 years ago.

Allow 3/4 of a day to fully absorb the enormity of this majestic archaeological site.

40kms north of Mexico City - Teotihuacán Pyramids contain beautiful murals and carvings exploring the city’s fascinating history. One of the largest and most important archaeological sites in Mexico.

Constructed around 200BC, at its peak between 300 and 600 CE, it was one of the biggest cities in the world with around 200,000 inhabitants.

Abandoned around the your 800 it was considered the end of the Classic period in Mesoamerica.

Considered sacred by Aztecs, Teotihuacan was the name given as it means ‘city of the gods’

Mexico City has a great underground - The Metro, cheap and easy to use, don’t be put off. You can exit the train and the local bus is right there to take you to the Pyramids.

If you prefer a Guide - all B&B’s or Hotels will have a driver and guide to take you, approx $100US


Jose Cuervo Express

Traveling in Mexico

The train will take you to the Magical Town of Tequila, where a full day of activities is prepared for everyone. They begin with a visit to the La Rojeña® distillery. There are games, music, food and entertainment. A day that you will remember forever.

NZ Herald Travel

Traveling in Mexico

Mexico Travel Tips as featured in New Zealand Herald


Villa Valentin - ultimate seclusion

Traveling in Mexico

Dirt tracks in the jungle. Crossing river beds. Middle of nowhere. So the rental car guy said. We say: Unseal driveway. No river beds in sight. 5 minutes from Sayulita town. Its all a matter of perception. Villa Valentin is no doubt an Oasis on the Nayarit coast. Proudly created by NZ couple Katherine and Conrad – Villa Valentin is a comfortable 45 minute drive from Puerto Vallarta Airport. Transfers or rental vehicles are available. A tropical sense of calm and effortless style transports you to immediate relaxation. Presented with a plethora of options for sitting, lying or shady exercising this Villa will "press pause" for you on arrival. With the colourful town of Sayulita, just a few minutes away for all your Artisan shopping and dining desires.

Casa Tres Palmas - Surf, Sand & Peace

Traveling in the Baja

This beautiful 3 bedroom/3 bathroom Oceanfront home is located just north of Todos Santos within walking distance of the famous La Pastora surf break. With access to an enormous Pool and Jacuzzi and empty white sand beach, Casa Tres Palmas is an incredible getaway!

Enjoy magnificent sunrises and sunsets from the spacious third story roof deck.


Villa Santa Cruz - Luxury on the Beach

Top spot for staying in the Baja, Mexico

This has to be one of my favourite places to visit in Mexico. I have been lucky enough to have stayed at this wonderful boutique hotel. It's just north of the cool and magical town of Todos Santos. The beach is to die for and if you surf then you're in heaven.

The pool is enormous and a soak in the Jacuzzi is the perfect end to your day.

Museum of Frida Khalo

Travel Tip Mexico City

TIP - Best to get there before it opens as the queue grows early, do this on a Saturday and then continue on to the San Angel Markets for some culture and yum food.

Frida Khalo's creative universe is in the Blue House, (Casa Azul) the place where she was born and died. When married to Diego Rivera she lived in different places in the City of Mexico and abroad, but Frida always returned to this house in Coyoacan. The Blue House was converted into a museum in 1958, four years after the death of the painter.

The Red Tree House - Mexico City's Best B&B

Always my first choice to stay at The Red Tree House in Mexico City. Victor and all the boys there are incredible.The stunning cooked breakfast is something to look forward to every morning. The Condesa area is safe to walk around and has the best restaurants.


Oaxaca - foodie heaven

Traveling in San Miguel

A total foodie place to go, the meat market is a must to see, just hold your nose.

Stay close to the centre as it is fab to just wander and people watch. Monte Alban is stunning and incredibly peaceful and if the locals have stopped fighting over who owns the road and you can get to the Petrified Waterfall, then it's worth a

San Miguel de Allende

Awwww, nothing beats a proposal serenaded by the Mariachi band!
Cute town with lots of cobbled streets to wander. Very historic and many Artists in residence.
Expats flock there to indulge in their hippy lifestyle. The original bordello is an interesting place to stay if history is what you're into.

Zip Line - Copper Canyon, Chihuahua, Mexico

Bucket List

The most scary but exhilarating adventure I've ever done!!

The ZipRider is a world class attraction at the Parque de Aventura Barrancas del Cobre, located at Copper Canyon in Chihuahua State. It's 2545 meters (8,350 feet) long with a max registered speed of 135 km/hr (84 mph)! Chihuahua has the longest zip line of any kind in the world, with a vertical drop of 450 meters (17% grade).


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